Main types of written translation:

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Technical translation is translation that requires a system approach in the choice of terminology, as well as in achieving accurate terminological unity. In most cases, technical translation requires an availability of specialized knowledge and have a lot of experience in a particular area, e.g. oil and gas industry or heavy engineering.

Translation Bureau has specialists of the highest class, capable of technical translation on a professional level. We also provide a variety of additional services, such as layout, image processing. Our employees work in a variety of formats that allow them to operate as simple texts and complex drawings and schemes.

Legal translation translation that requires not only a command of special terminology, but also the knowledge of the peculiarities of the legal language, rules of formation and registration of the corresponding documentation. In addition, working with legal documents requires high concentration of attention, as the smallest of details can be of great importance.

Specialists of the translation Bureau have great experience in legal translation; in addition, legal translation is, together with a notarised translation, the main profile of the Moscow head office of the Bureau of translations. The use of high quality translators with degrees in law and financial profile, a guarantee of the high quality of translations performed by our company. Constituent documents, agreements, contracts, arrangements will all be translated by our translation Agency at a high professional level.

Financial translation is very close to legal translation. We allocate financial translation in a separate article, so as to translation of financial documents, especially audited financial reports, often there are increased requirements of confidentiality. Total respect for client confidentiality is the standard of the translation Bureau. Our customers can be confident in the quality of translation of their financial information and its confidentiality.

Medical translation, like any other specialized translation, requires professional knowledge. Translation of medical documents, clinical data, pharmaceutical information, documents to various medical equipment, including manuals, requires participation in the process of medical editor. Translation Bureau has a wide experience in medical translation. We are always glad to help You.

Site translation, localization is one of many types of translation carried out by the experts of Bureau of translations. On Your request we will translate any, even the highly specialized or highly informative sites, if necessary, editors, are the holders of the corresponding foreign language.

Attraction of specialists, a great experience, highly qualified translators and editors, the optimal ratio of price and quality is the translation Agency Sochi Interpreter!

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