Translation service drawings

13 октября 2013, в 13:57

Order account popular today is the translation of technical drawings, which are made in a variety of special programs: AutoCAD, CorelDraw, NanoCAD etc. the First challenge in this type of translation is that the original document is not a text, as presented in the form of a drawing in one format or another. Note also that the drawings and schemes offer lots of technical details and specific terms, and not every translator can even easy to deal with them, not to mention the quality of our work.

Therefore, the best option is to entrust this business to professionals, for example, translation Agency. We work with specialists who have sufficient knowledge and skills in linguistic and technical, engineering field. Turning to us, You can be sure that the fulfilment of Your order will pick up a special approach to create the option best suited to Your tastes. www.interpretermoscow.ru Moscow

Translation service patents

Order account переводаТехническая information contained in patent documents, requires maximum qualifications and experience of the interpreter. You must be able to work with specialized, and often innovative theme in both languages language pair, correctly translate specific terminology and abbreviations, as well as comply with the requirements for registration of patent documents adopted in both States.

The company has been engaged in professional translation of various documents, including patents. Office selects professionals desired specialization, keep control over all stages of work, and discusses in detail with clients require clarification moments. Thus, a personal approach to each order allows to achieve optimal results. And this is important, because the patent translation is a serious task, and should be trusted only the best in its

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